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Dear Andy,
  Great to hear from you! Thank you for the question, although I am not the person who can answer it properly. I wrote a detailed note to the members of the IVS yesterday, stating that the suggestions for committees right now are suggestions, only! The committees will actually be established by our Russian colleagues in Moscow, soon. One of the "suggestions" for a committee relates to the archives. If it is okay, I hope we can wait and hear from Elena Kravtsova and Tamara Lifanova before stating anything. Clearly, the Vygotsky archives need financial support, and the idea for the committee (which is only a "suggestion" right now) would be to first help Elena/Tamara and their team to find funding (e.g., write grants) for the Russians who will be working on the publishing of the material. According to Tamara Lifanova and Elena Kravtsova, the materials will be published/republished in Russian first. After that, Elena, Tamara and their team will decide what they want to see
 published in English (and other languages), and how that should be done. There were some very big problems related to other archives in Moscow, which I would never want to discuss. Therefore, from my perspective, it is truly wonderful that what remains from the Vygotsky archives are in the hands of the Vygotsky family, and they will later be stating how they want to proceed.
  The thing I am very happy about is that the IVS is attracting a wonderful group of people from around the world, who are supporting the legacy of Vygotsky, serving in so many ways, and who are sharing their work and research with many in Russia. Please know that everyone is very aware that the archives need to be published/republished in Russian, and made available to all in other languages. The problem right now is the financial backing in order to have the most professional approach possible. If you have any ideas for financial support for the archives, please let us know. So, to be clear, from my understanding: we need to wait and hear from Elena and Tamara. If the Russians decide to form a committee for the archives within the IVS, my assumption is that the committee will serve the wishes of the Vygotsky family, and that the archives will always remain in their possession. But, this is something I have no authority on.
  One last note: thank you to those who have written wanting to join the IVS. If you live in the USA, you can send a personal check for the membership fee, but please remember to send all contact information, so that you can receive the proper documents from Moscow. Everyone interested in the theories of Vygotsky are invited to join the IVS.
  P.S. Please check for a future issue of the Journal of East European and Russian Psychology for a translation of the Vygotsky letters from 1926-1934.

Andy Blunden <> wrote:
  Dot, will the IVS have responsibility and an objective of publishing the
works of LSV in their original and in translation? I presume the rights to
the original still belong to the family?

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At 09:27 AM 2/02/2007 -0800, you wrote:
>Dear Friends,
> Your support of the 7th International Vygotsky Memorial Conference
> (celebrating 110 years) in Moscow was truly appreciated. Approximately 18
> countries were represented, and others wanted to attend but could not. At
> the conference the International Vygotsky Society (IVS) was established.
> Elena Kravtsova, Director of the Vygotsky Institute of Psychology at the
> Russian State University for the Humanities, would like to invite anyone
> interested in the IVS to become a member. You will find information
> attached. Unfortunately, it is taking a long time for the IVS to be
> registered in Russia, and that needs to be done before credit cards can
> be used to become a member. Hopefully a better system will be in place in
> the not too far distant future. Soon, IVS committees will be formed and
> representatives from different countries will be selected. A part of the
> IVS will be Summer Seminars, with different themes each year. The title
> for this summer is The Cultural-Historical Approach
> to Education in Russia: Golden Key Schools.
> It will take place from June 12-19, 2007, close to Moscow. This is not
> only a wonderful opportunity to learn about the schools developed by the
> Vygotsky family and their team, but the summer seminars are a big focus
> of the IVS. We will be collaborating and discussing how we can establish
> the international network that began in November, 2006. The cost of the
> Summer Seminar 2007 will be approximately $1,000 for IVS members. It will
> include the first night in a hotel, registration (for two weeks or less),
> and a transfer from/to the airport, cultural program, and a banquet.
> There will be well-known speakers, and most of all, the opportunity for
> IVS members/and all others to get to know each other better on a personal
> basis. It is hoped that you will think about joining the IVS and that you
> can attend the Summer Seminar 2007. Specific information will be ready in
> in two weeks. Please write to the following address if you are interested
> in attending ><.
> On behalf of IVS, and Elena Kravtsova, we sending all of you good wishes.
> Dot Robbins
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