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Dot, will the IVS have responsibility and an objective of publishing the
works of LSV in their original and in translation? I presume the rights to
the original still belong to the family?

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At 09:27 AM 2/02/2007 -0800, you wrote:
>Dear Friends,
> Your support of the 7th International Vygotsky Memorial Conference
> (celebrating 110 years) in Moscow was truly appreciated. Approximately 18
> countries were represented, and others wanted to attend but could not. At
> the conference the International Vygotsky Society (IVS) was established.
> Elena Kravtsova, Director of the Vygotsky Institute of Psychology at the
> Russian State University for the Humanities, would like to invite anyone
> interested in the IVS to become a member. You will find information
> attached. Unfortunately, it is taking a long time for the IVS to be
> registered in Russia, and that needs to be done before credit cards can
> be used to become a member. Hopefully a better system will be in place in
> the not too far distant future. Soon, IVS committees will be formed and
> representatives from different countries will be selected. A part of the
> IVS will be Summer Seminars, with different themes each year. The title
> for this summer is The Cultural-Historical Approach
> to Education in Russia: Golden Key Schools.
> It will take place from June 12-19, 2007, close to Moscow. This is not
> only a wonderful opportunity to learn about the schools developed by the
> Vygotsky family and their team, but the summer seminars are a big focus
> of the IVS. We will be collaborating and discussing how we can establish
> the international network that began in November, 2006. The cost of the
> Summer Seminar 2007 will be approximately $1,000 for IVS members. It will
> include the first night in a hotel, registration (for two weeks or less),
> and a transfer from/to the airport, cultural program, and a banquet.
> There will be well-known speakers, and most of all, the opportunity for
> IVS members/and all others to get to know each other better on a personal
> basis. It is hoped that you will think about joining the IVS and that you
> can attend the Summer Seminar 2007. Specific information will be ready in
> in two weeks. Please write to the following address if you are interested
> in attending ><.
> On behalf of IVS, and Elena Kravtsova, we sending all of you good wishes.
> Dot Robbins
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