Re: [xmca] Culturally relevant curriculum and overall school performance

From: Paul Dillon (
Date: Mon Jan 29 2007 - 04:57:06 PST

Thanks Martin.

Martin Packer <> wrote: Paul,

I too was going to mention that work has been done in Mexico, by CONEVYT and
the SEP (Secretaria de Educación Pública). The latter established a
Coordinación General de Educación Intercultural y Bilingüe. Here is an
article by the person who I believe was first to direct that program, Silvia
Schmelkes, on access to higher education by indigenous groups:

and here is her introduction to a special issue of the Revista Mexicana de
Investigación Educativa, on intercultural education:


On 1/28/07 9:39 PM, "Kevin Rocap" wrote:

> (5) Here is the link to the extensive educational resources of the
> Plazas Comunitarias effort in Mexico: The
> resources provide K-20 articulated educational resources and resources
> for Adult Literacy, that strives to be culturally-responsive to rural
> Mexicans. In addition, the Ministry and others under this initiative
> have created resources in several languages of indigenous groups in
> Mexico (though these may be print and I don't have links to indigenous
> language resources, but can try to find out if there are any).

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