Re: [xmca] Happy New Year

From: Aleksandar Baucal (
Date: Mon Jan 01 2007 - 02:50:28 PST

Dear all,

Happy New Year (for us who belong to ? (sub)world it is 2007, what year
is for other existing (sub)worlds?).

After some drinks I have a crazy idea. If it was possible to map human
genom with 3 bil. units, why it iwould not be possible to map human
cultural tools ...ehh...could you imagine trill of such project :)

Anyway, I wish you happy and cheerful New Dialogical Year whatever
number it is on your calendar :)

Warmest greeting from small red dot from Belgrade
Aleksandar Baucal

Cathrene Connery wrote:
> Greetings colleagues,
> Just a quick hello from Central Washington University in Ellensburg,
> Washington. I'm not sure if I'm a dot on the map yet, but thought I'd
> introduce myself. Thanks to Ana, I started receiving xmca e-mails about
> a month ago. It has been refreshing to read everyone's dialouge. A
> powerhouse of energy collectively represents the members of this
> listserve!
> Just a little about myself......I fell in love with Vygotsky in '89 when
> reading Thought and Language at Illinois while pursuing my first
> Master's degree. This past May, I graduated from the University of New
> Mexico with a doctorate in Language, Literacy, and Sociocultural Studies
> focusing on Bilingual / TESL Education. It was an honor to have Vera
> John-Steiner chair my committee. Emergent biliteracy, multi-modal
> meaningmaking, and teacher education reform on behalf of culturally and
> linguistically diverse children remain my great interests.
> My best wishes to you and your families for the upcoming year. May you
> experience peace, joy, and good health.
> Todo lo mejor (All the best),
> Cathrene
> M. Cathrene Connery, Ph.D.
> Assistant Professor of Bilingual & TESL Education
> Central Washington University
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