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This brings me to the next question and scenario..Remember that talent show "Live at the Apollo"? People share their talents and if the audience is not satisfied with their performance, they get egged or thrown tomatoes etc..

The main purpose for some of these performers is to be validated..yet, when interviewed, some of them get a rush, excitement, pushed to the edge, challenged when they get thrown a tomato or an egg to signify that they are disliked. Obviously they go through a learning experience. SHould there be a need to redefine "emotion" within the context of learning?...That ying and yang space within the "emotions" that takes them from one moment to the next?

When Frankin recognized that "rush"..the interaction between the physical adrenalin and the emotions...Did it take him to a frozen time warp for that specific moment or an intensified continuum? If so, when children learn..right before that "AHA" they get into a frozen time warp or a continuum?

I will apologize for not having the background to apply the jargon used to identify the culture of this group. I have been one who has lurked in this listserve since Linda Polin gave us the opportunity to listen to Engestrom at the CSCL in COlorado years ago. SInce then, you could say that I have been an avid fan. I have learned so much being a passive participant and yet feeling too intimidated to communicate my thoughts...then again, after all these years, I figured, I am in the midst of great minds and learned people. The worst that could happen to me is sound stupid..but I will gain far more by falling on my face. ~Ana G.

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> Ana-- What pleasure could be taken in such a
> situation if the identity were recognized
> as invalid? In either the case of the 8 year old or
> Franklin?
> mike
> On 6/16/06, Ana Balboa-Guenthner
> <> wrote:
> Hmm, I am going to jump in on this one.. is it an
> issue of identity or validity?
> Take for example an 8 year old who has been
> playing the violin using the Suzuki
> method ( learning through play and hearing the
> music) since 3 years of age. By
> 8, the child is playing..Vivaldi. Concerto in A
> Minor First Movement.
> As the child performs on stage, does something
> magical happen to the audience
> or to the child? Will precision be considered as
> learning? To what degree? or
> should emotions play an important role in the
> child's learning?
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> >
> >Sounds plausible to me, Andy. It makes an easy
> link to issues of identity.
> >mike
> >
> >On 6/14/06, Andy Blunden <>
> wrote:
> >>
> >> If I want to remember every note in a piano
> piece then it helps lots if I
> >> can play it with my fingers and hear the notes
> back, doesn't it? The
> >> sensuous experience of playing and hearing the
> music as well as seeing the
> >> notes on the page, helps me reproduce it. Can
> we throw the emotional
> >> experience of learning something you wanted to
> learn, or of recognising
> >> yourself in a play, in the same basket with
> other sensuous experiences,
> >> like that of playing and hearing the music?
> Aren't they all part of
> >> learning? What is raised with emotion is *why*
> does a particular thing
> >> carry an emotional load, and therefore get
> learnt? What was the source of
> >> the rush Franklin felt when he recognised
> himself in the play, since I am
> >> guessing that it was that recognition which
> gave the rush, rather than the
> >> "getting it" at last?
> >>
> >> Andy
> >> At 09:49 AM 14/06/2006 -0700, you wrote:
> >> >Great turn in the discussion!
> >> >1) Sure there is a long history of interaction
> before the Franklin event.
> >> >And its
> >> >relevant. There was a long history to two
> sisters playing sisters also.
> >> >And emotion
> >> >and identity involved. But all of that is
> elided in the LSV discussion
> >> >(not a criticism,
> >> >he was using it as an example) and yet poeple
> site it in discussions of
> >> >how play
> >> >creates a zoped.
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