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Phil and all -- Valsiner and van der Veer wrote a history of the
development of the "social mind" across 19th and 20th century
writers, including Baldwin and many others (Pierre Janet, G H Mead,
John Dewey, Vygotsky, etc). very useful --

Valsiner, J., van der Veer, R. (2000). The social mind: Construction
of an idea. Cambridge: CUP.


>Baldwin's ideas are used extensively by Jaan Valsiner whose work is well
>consulting in connection with this tangled thread of discussion.
>On 6/5/06, Phil Chappell <> wrote:
>>I have just been fishing around for papers on imitation by James Mark
>>Baldwin and found the following site which has a couple of dozen
>>papers by him, including a chapter on imitation. This is for
>>information and not intended to hijack the current discussion!
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