[xmca] Milgram, Stanford Prisoners, etc.

From: Tony Whitson (twhitson@UDel.Edu)
Date: Mon Jun 05 2006 - 17:27:51 PDT

I just caught part of a documentary on SUNDANCE cable TV in the US, called
"The Human Behavior Experiments" or something like that. I'll record it
when it runs later tonight for the West Coast time zone. I think there
will be more showings this week.

It gives good presentations of the experiments and of the news events that
it presents in relation to those experiments.

In the bits I saw, however, I was surprised at how readily speakers were
asserting that these experiments reveal "universal" and "invariant"
features of "human nature."

Tony Whitson
UD School of Education


"those who fail to reread
  are obliged to read the same story everywhere"
                   -- Roland Barthes, S/Z (1970)
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