[xmca] Developmental psychology and the production of a polished mud ball

From: Lars Hennig Rossen (lhrossen@gmail.com)
Date: Mon Jun 05 2006 - 11:17:21 PDT

here is an odd and interesting piece on developmental psychology, culture
and mud balls (!)

"In the field of developmental psychology up to now, play that developed
children's imagination and creativity, such as role playing and drawing, was
deemed important. But Professor Kayo is searching for whether developmental
psychology has overlooked something very important: the experimentation
children undertake in everyday activities like eating, getting dressed, and
sleeping. He feels that making shiny mud balls is a good way of searching
for the essence of children's play. Kayo believes that the answers lie
within the hearts of children, and he continues to visit the preschool once
a week".


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