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Re data analysis, qualitative and undigestible

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Subject: FYI: Video-as-data and DIVER chapter
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Given your interests in this topic, I wanted to send along final copy for a
chapter that I have mentioned to you at some point in the past 18 months as
I have developed the work and it has gone through copyediting and proofs. I
would also welcome learning about your recent work if you have the
opportunity to send me any recent papers.
Pea, R. D. (2006, in press). Video-as-data and digital video manipulation
techniques for transforming learning sciences research, education and other
cultural practices. To appear in J. Weiss, J. Nolan & P. Trifonas
(Eds.), *International
Handbook of Virtual Learning Environments* (pp. 1321-1393). Dordrecht:
Kluwer Academic Publishing.
Sincerely yours,


Professor Roy Pea

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