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So, to summarize, it seems there are three software for qualitative analysis
of digital video available that people like:

Transana. Free.

The Observer. By Noldus. More than 5000 bucks a license

Studiocode. More than 7000 bucks a license.

There is also Qualrus but it has not been mentioned in this list: This one costs 149 bucks. Very cheap.

It would be nice to learn what could make the thousands bucks difference
worthwhile. So, the question that arises is whether people that have really
used them think the price difference makes a scientific difference. Some
technical differences are mentioned in the same links I have put together.
There are others tools that, so it seems, are better for text that for video
such as Atlas.Ti and Nvivo. Info about them all can be found here

Thanks to everybody for sharing their experiences.

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>Transana is a good piece of software and free to download. However,
>there is no version for Mac users.

That is not correct. I have the current Mac version and I am quite
happy with it.


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