[xmca] software for qualitative analysis of video

From: David Preiss (davidpreiss@puc.cl)
Date: Mon Apr 10 2006 - 13:53:42 PDT

Dear XMCArs,
I am looking for a good software to perform qualitative/quantitative
analysis of videos of teachers' lessons (in the spirit of the TIMSS video
surveys). The TIMSS used a software that is not available anymore and I was
looking for alternatives. I know that many of you do educational work and
study teaching. So, I wondered whether you could share your experiences with
softwares and recommend me both noncommercial and commercial tools for this
kind of work.
Thanks much!
David D. Preiss Ph.D.
Profesor Auxiliar / Assistant Professor
Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile
Escuela de Psicología.
Av. Vicuña Mackenna 4860.
Macul, Santiago de Chile.
Teléfono: (56-2) 354-4605
Fax: (56-2) 354-4844.
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