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Date: Thu Dec 29 2005 - 21:30:25 PST

She did all that. She was also the cause (reputedly) of the break
between Freud and Jung, She was Piaget's analyst, and, I think,
perished in the holocaust. I think that she had a hand in starting the
Moscow Psychoanalytic group with Luria and Vygotsky (there some
reference to that, I think in The Vygotsky Reader). She had started
this whole saga as Jung's patient (details muddled but there is a
story there).

Quite a woman!

On 12/29/05, Lois Holzman <> wrote:
> Echoing wishes for the new year, I also have a query:
> The current NYC showing of a 2002 film, My Name was Sabina Spielrein,
> brought this psychoanalyst to my attention. It would seem that she and
> Vygotsky or Luria might have known each other (she lived at the same time,
> started a psychoanalytic center in Moscow, worked with Piaget, etc.). Does
> anyone know?
> Be well,
> Lois
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