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From: zdravo (zdravo@EUnet.yu)
Date: Thu Dec 22 2005 - 08:49:58 PST

Thank you for carefully listening to what we are doing. You gave us a chance
to tell more about our developmental work and children as participants. Our
activities are built on the voices of children spelled in the beginning of
our work In the spring of 1993 after big intergenerational
workshop/performance, held in one collective center for refugees, the young
refugee boy named the event "undiscovered treasure".
In attachment you will find the story created by children, by doing so we
wish to give you a chance of discovery.

Schools. What was of greatest help to you after you left your home? 70% of
refugee children responded : School
The question was the part of the interview made by external evaluators of
our programme.
The refugee children, thousands of them, were included in regular school
system when they came to Serbia during 1992. For children living in
collective centers this was prevention of social isolation and in spite of
difficulties they had while adapting to new curriculum. Being together with
children and making relations with peers is something what children built by
themselves and what went beyond the official educational tasks.

There are enough reasons for worries and concerns and I am sharing this with
Let us hope that there are many people who believe that building activities
based on social sources within the schools is worth trying!


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