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This helps some, Eric, although I don't think I can give the rules of the
game. How I've come to work and understand developmental environments is
that they are ones in which the participants/creators of them create the
rules as they go along/as they create the environments. You asked if there's
any place this is spelled out. Maybe my Performative Psychology: An Untapped
Resource for Educators (Educational and Child Psychology, 2000, 17,3, and on
the Institute web site) and parts of my Schools for Growth (Erlbaum) on the
Barbara Taylor School. I think they provide an overall framework and the
illustrations might create a picture.

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> Subject: [xmca] A less messy response for Lois
> Lois:I am certainly not looking for methodology in the school based scope
> and sequence sense. It would also be silly to expect a psychologically
> based assessment protocol that scripts questions and provides scores based
> on presepcified answers from the respondant.Methodology for me refers to a
> framework that is similar to the rules of a game like pictionary. Where
> there are a group of people, working together to solve a specific
> ;problem;. &Obviously very simplified, but hopefully you get the idea of
> what I am looking for. Thank you for you kind response to my quizzicle
> mind.
> eric
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