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Date: Tue Dec 13 2005 - 09:35:28 PST

Interest in the potentials of afterschool hours for creating
development-enhancing enviroments does not come from our work afterschool,
Eric. Rather, we are part of a "Zeitgeist" of interest in such programs with
important people like Shirley Brice Heath, Jackie Eccles, Lois and her
group, and many others. Our approach is distinctively different than others,
I believe, in the way it intertwines normal undergraduate and graduate
education with involvement in the interventions.

An important issue in this community is programming. Different implementers
have different
strategies. One of those strategies is to have young people engage in
locally culturallly valued activities (theatre in all its aspects is one
popular genre). There is always a value/political theory related to the
theory of development embodied in such activities, so their variations are
interesting for many reasons.

The emphasis on public performance in such activities forfronts particular
manifestations of agency as well as a social context where, in Courtney
Cazden's apt phrase, "performance preceeds competence." For Courtney, this
idea was the key to how to understand zopeds;
by engaging in social activities where children/youth jointly enact a
production, the cognitive demands on individuals can be flexibly rearranged
so that the youngster experiences, jointly,
the quality of interaction that, subsequently, s/he may be able to use as a
psychological tool for appropriating the experience, "mentally."

That is why I thnk we should focus on the issue of performance and discuss
the articles that
Lois put up for discussion, perhaps with Vygotsky's article as an anchor
point. It sounds like you have developed your own way of implementing this


On 12/13/05, <> wrote:
> But at present we have Lois et al 'sperformance as an intervention
> strategy
> to consider.
> mike
> Mike:
> Thank you for the push to read the Holzman and Karliner presentation
> paper.
> It is indeed proof that your work in the afterschool programs has started
> to grow in other areas. As I wrote earlier I will try to script a
> dialogue
> that presents what I was referring to earlier in how performance as
> intervention has benefited the students that I work with.
> eric
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