[xmca] Welcome to New Voices

From: Lois Holzman (lholzman@eastsideinstitute.org)
Date: Sun Dec 04 2005 - 06:57:40 PST

Let's welcome some new folks ‹ Lina Kostarova-Unkovska from Macedonia,
Volker Bunzendahl from Denmark, Leif Strandberg from Sweden, and Vesna
Ognjenovic from Belgrade, Serbia and Montenegro. For starters, maybe each
can share some of what their work involves, how they see it as a form of or
related to CHAT or certain characteristics of CHAT, and whatever else they
think relevant and interesting to this group. Depending on how active the
conversation becomes, Išll step in to say some things about the US-based All
Stars Project youth programs, and invite people to read an article.
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