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Date: Mon Nov 28 2005 - 23:23:14 PST

   Do you have anything by Levinas himself that you would recommend,
   something that sheds light on the concept of subjectivity as he uses
   it. His ethical ideas I have found attractive, but I have found him
   difficult to "get into"?
   It is interesting to me how much of the literature in this very broad
   area associates "subjectivity" chiefly with the notion of "identity."
   Is this true of Levinas?
   At 08:59 PM 28/11/2005 -0800, you wrote:

     Hi all,
     a bit belated after a trip to Oslo and back, barely avoiding snow
     storms in Frankfurt.
     Chapter 10 of our book
     Roth, W.-M., Hwang, S., Lee, Y-J., & Goulart, M. (2005).
     Participation, learning, and identity: Dialectical perspectives.
     Berlin: Lehmanns Media.
     explicitly deals with the relation of the individual | collective
     dialectic in organizations. Good work has been done by Emmanuel
     Levinas, from a dialectical perspective.
     Also, research is not about "applying" concepts but working out
     concepts that are relevant in and to praxis.
     On 23-Nov-05, at 1:18 PM, Mike Cole wrote:

     OK-- So I am giving seminars and lectures and having discussions
     students and faculty at Pontificia Univ Catholica in Santiago. A
     walks in at the end of the day, after participating in some of
     these events,
     and says that he wishes to do empirical work in community
     to get a degree. He wishes to be able to say something about the
     of participants in a community organization. What should he read?
     He has read theoretical work about subjectivity, but he is not
     clear how
     theories (from French writers, mostly, I believe) can be applied in
     research that might actually answer a question about subjectivity.
     Question: What should he read?
     I have started reading Judith Butler and am not sure if I will
     answer to
     his question there, but with 1-2 3 hour sessions a day, I will not
     find out
     Gobble gobble.
     Can you help Ignacio and me with his question? Please?
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