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From: Wolff-Michael Roth (
Date: Mon Nov 28 2005 - 20:59:18 PST

Hi all,
a bit belated after a trip to Oslo and back, barely avoiding snow
storms in Frankfurt.

Chapter 10 of our book

Roth, W.-M., Hwang, S., Lee, Y-J., & Goulart, M. (2005).
Participation, learning, and identity: Dialectical perspectives.
Berlin: Lehmanns Media.

explicitly deals with the relation of the individual | collective
dialectic in organizations. Good work has been done by Emmanuel
Levinas, from a dialectical perspective.

Also, research is not about "applying" concepts but working out
concepts that are relevant in and to praxis.



On 23-Nov-05, at 1:18 PM, Mike Cole wrote:

> OK-- So I am giving seminars and lectures and having discussions with
> students and faculty at Pontificia Univ Catholica in Santiago. A
> student
> walks in at the end of the day, after participating in some of
> these events,
> and says that he wishes to do empirical work in community psychology
> to get a degree. He wishes to be able to say something about the
> subjectivity
> of participants in a community organization. What should he read?
> He has read theoretical work about subjectivity, but he is not
> clear how
> these
> theories (from French writers, mostly, I believe) can be applied in
> community
> research that might actually answer a question about subjectivity.
> Question: What should he read?
> I have started reading Judith Butler and am not sure if I will find
> the
> answer to
> his question there, but with 1-2 3 hour sessions a day, I will not
> find out
> by
> Friday.
> Gobble gobble.
> Can you help Ignacio and me with his question? Please?
> mike
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