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Date: Fri Nov 25 2005 - 04:45:52 PST

Igancio thanks you and so do I for the excellent suggestions If anyone comes
with additional ideas, send them along. I will forward to Ignacio who is,
as you
might have gathered, a rather intelligent and intense young man.

On 11/23/05, Andy Blunden <> wrote:
> Personally I share your anxiety that there is no book which
> satisfactorily answer to your student's need. But within the CHAT
> tradition Feliks Mikhailov's "Riddle of the Self" would be a good
> start. As you know it can be read in full on the internet (posted with
> Feliks' permission by the way). Hegel's System of Ethical Life and
> Science of Logic are too antique and difficult to read I guess. James
> Heartfield's "The 'Death of the subject' Explained" is useful though
> it critiques its opponents with a sledge hammer and that is not good.
> What about Bourdieu's "Distinctions"? A fine piece of work, or one of
> his smaller books like "The Logic of Practice"? Lois McNay is good on
> Foucault and subjectivity, e.g. "Foucault and Feminism: power, gender
> and the self"
> In my own personal opinion, subjectivity is moral agency + knowing +
> identity, and I know of no writer of the past 150 years who treats it
> that way, preferring to write only within their academic specialism, I
> guess, but see no reason for me to abandon my position on that.
> Andy
> At 06:18 PM 23/11/2005 -0300, you wrote:
> OK-- So I am giving seminars and lectures and having discussions
> with students and faculty at Pontificia Univ Catholica in Santiago.
> A student walks in at the end of the day, after participating in
> some of these events, and says that he wishes to do empirical work
> in community psychology to get a degree. He wishes to be able to
> say something about the subjectivity of participants in a community
> organization. What should he read?
> He has read theoretical work about subjectivity, but he is not
> clear how these theories (from French writers, mostly, I believe)
> can be applied in community research that might actually answer a
> question about subjectivity.
> Question: What should he read?
> I have started reading Judith Butler and am not sure if I will find
> the answer to his question there, but with 1-2 3 hour sessions a
> day, I will not find out by Friday.
> Gobble gobble.
> Can you help Ignacio and me with his question? Please?
> mike
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