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From: Martin Packer (
Date: Fri Nov 18 2005 - 08:37:34 PST


Could you unpack this for me? The subject acts. Reflects upon that activity
and in doing so acquires a self. Since the activity is social, the acquired
self is socially defined. OK. But subjectivity? Exists in the fact of
reflection? Is a psychological condition?

I understand Mary to be saying (and interpreting Anna as saying) that
subjectivity is first of all in activity. You seem to see subjectivity as
(only? primarily?) in reflection.

Am I understanding you?


On 11/18/05 2:35 AM, "Victor" <> wrote:

> The subjectivity of the conscious subject, he who reflects upon his
> activities and thereby acquires a self, is not in the properties of the
> product of his reflection but in the otherwise empty fact of his reflection.
> This view is mirrored in Symbolic Interactionism of GH Mead and Dewey in
> their presentation of the self, i.e. subjectivity as a psychological
> condition, as propertyless, without specifiable characteristics or form.

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