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From: Mary K. Bryson (mary.bryson@ubc.ca)
Date: Fri Nov 18 2005 - 08:21:03 PST


I am teaching a course for the first time next term, and would really
appreciate looking at syllabi, or getting references for/.pdf's of relevant
articles. The course is a graduate seminar that focuses on sociocultural
theories and mediation. Please reply to me off-list to save people's email
boxes. Thanks in advance just for thinking about it. I will, of course,
share what I have with you, if that is of interest.

503 (3) Cultural Perspectives on Learning, Development and Media
Investigates sociocultural research and related pedagogical design theories
and exemplars, including historically significant, new and emerging concepts
of situated learning, development as cultural participation, media,
knowledge, formal and informal learning environments and pedagogical
practices. The course will include critical analysis, hands-on exploration,
and/or design of learning environments, digitally-mediated learning
cultures, artifacts, and pedagogical tools.


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