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Date: Thu Nov 03 2005 - 11:12:15 PST

Dear Steve and Mike,

I thank you for asking to elaborate on the topic "inner speech writing".
I first developed the concept in Notebooks of the Mind and I also refer
to it in the current chapter on Vygotsky and Linguistics, which you have
seen, Mike.

In studying journals and diaries, I was struck that some writers relied
on rapid, staccato, stringing of ideas that expressed in an external
form, Vygotsky's notion of abbreviated, predicative inner speech. These
passages try to keep track of the rapid stream of inner thoughts. Such
semantic shorthand is of particular use in planning the development of
major work. Virginia Woolf's diary provides many interesting
illustrations of abbreviated notes to herself which later she develops
into fully crafted prose. So one can compare the planning notes with the
finished work and trace some of the processes that it has undergone.

The other day when I was trying to enter the discussion of the A. S.
paper I was not ready to carefully craft my ideas so my message
consisted of condensed rather than communicatively effective prose.


Mike Cole wrote:

> Vera-- Don't you write about this in your MCA article, or am I thinking of
> another source?
> mike
> On 11/1/05, Steve Gabosch <> wrote:
>>At 03:59 PM 10/31/2005 -0700, Vera wrote:
>>>If anyone wants me to elaborate on this "inner speech writing" I
>>>will be happy to do so,
>>Yes, Vera, please do!
>>- Steve
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