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Date: Thu Nov 03 2005 - 10:53:41 PST

I could not disagree more with this comment. I am
thrilled to be a member of a community of people who
are passionate about an academic tradition and the
politics that does effect it.

andy j.

--- wrote:

> As I understand the discussion groups purpose, it is
> an opportunity to dialogue and explore the complex
> nature of the human mind in its cultural and
> historical contexts. Politics are inextricably
> bound to this discussion. However, I don't find the
> discussion group the appropriate platform for
> political 'daggers' surrounding the war. There are
> strategic and intentional wars where body counts and
> resources measure success or failure. There are
> also fractured and unintentional wars within our
> young population for purpose, encouragement, and
> value. An earlier xmca participant explained he was
> more concerned with the underlying issues
> surrounding hate than an opinion about a book. I
> offer the same rationale with the country of Iraq
> vice the state of our youth.
> I do not intend to defend President Bush and his
> politics -- I simply request that the discussion
> group send me email that relates more to xmca than
> to whether or not we should be a nation at war.
> If this norm is acceptable to the group, than I will
> humbly unsubscribe and say thanks for the
> discussions I've had the chance to 'lurk' in. The
> group has a wealth of great minds and contributes a
> valuable body of work -- my opinion of that remains
> the same.
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