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Dear xmca-ers,

feeling sorry not being able to be there and listen to the exciting symposia
in Sevilla. For those interested in Mike's last question, you might find
some interesting openings about the problematics of intervention and
relative power in a Symposium report "Development Intervention. Actor and
activity perspectives" available in the net:
(in the bottom of the page, in documents - ebooks)

Includes initiatives from Helsinki's point of view, e.g. Jaakko Virkkunen
discusses the insiders/outsiders position in Developmental work research and
Reijo Miettinen ponders on researchers' roles in intervention research.


Mcole wrote:
> 5. My question is about intervention studies. What do we know about the
> influence of relative power between interveners and those
> who are being "helped" on what transpires? This could be reformulated to
> as
> "who is the agent in intervention studies and who
> profits from them?"

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