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Date: Sat Sep 10 2005 - 11:50:43 PDT

Mike, et al --

I have been reading the xmca list with interest, although not speaking up
much for quite a while.

But this message opens the possibility for me of asking a
procedural/technical question about Seville/ISCAR

Last winter, I submitted a paper proposal electronically. I did not hear
anything back. In the spring, I checked the website and saw a banner that
said, "Proposal submitters will be notified soon," or some such. After some
time had passed with no message, I had to schedule fall classes and decided
not to worry about it. Then a week ago I met with Peter Sawchuk, who with
Newton Duarte and Mohammed Elhammoumi had submitted a proposal based on
their upcoming book (in which Joe Berry and I have a chapter), Critical
Perspectives on Activity: Explorations across Education, Work and Everyday
Life. Yrjo Engestrom and Phil Adler and some other folks had chapters in
this, so it might have been expected to make it onto the program. But it
didn't. This makes me think that it was more like an electronic hitch in the
submissions/acceptance process that than that my proposal wasn't up to

I'm sending this message as much to say I wish I was there with you as to
query the submissions process.

Next time I'll be more aggressive about followup.

Have a wonderful time in Seville (I do wish I was there!)

Helena Worthen
Chicago Labor Education Program
University of Illinois
Suite 110 The Rice Building
815 West Van Buren Street
Chicago, IL 60607
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Dear Colleagues--
 A number of us will be going to Sevilla, Spain at the end of next week for
an historic
meeting that brings together two overlapping groups of scholars who study
nature as the emergent outcome of biological, cultural-historical, and
social "factors."
 The variety of talks and symposia is impressive, as is the variety of
national traditions
being represented.
 You-all have been reading and commenting on many aspects of
socio-cultural-historical activity
theories of human development as subscribers to this distributed
 Whether you are planning to be in Sevilla or not, I think everyone would be

interested in what questions
you think need most urgent attention. What accomplishments you think most
need highlighting. What
measures can be taken to give voice to the diversity of interests, views,
and needs of you and your
 Might you pose questions and comments that others of us can take with us
and, upon return, respond to?
 I doubt if I am the only one who feels priveleged to be able to make this
trip. What, other than a lot of jet-lag,
might make it worth the time and effort?
 PS-- If you have not done so, check out the "clustermap" at the bottom of
the xmca web page. It is, to me,
an interesting representation of the international nature of this odd
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