[xmca] Mediation?: I am seeing double...

From: Mary K. Bryson (mary.bryson@ubc.ca)
Date: Mon Jul 25 2005 - 15:22:54 PDT

Hello XMCAčrs

I am writing an AERA proposal, and have come to the point where I actually
need to deal with a conceptual block that has thus far remained a pleasant

How do I usefully distinguish between discursive and artifactual mediation?
And in relation to the latter ‹ mediation by means of artifacts -- how
should I account for the doubled mediation afforded by (a) the artifact
itself, and then (b) the artifact as it is positioned within a particular
discursive framework?

Surely someone must already have written a brilliant paper on this question,
to which you need only point me in the right direction. And for that
assistance I would be extremely grateful.


Dr. Mary K. Bryson, Associate Professor and Graduate Coordinator, ECPS,
Faculty of Education, University of British Columbia

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