[xmca] Good news on ERIC

From: Peter Smagorinsky (smago@uga.edu)
Date: Thu Jul 21 2005 - 05:15:53 PDT

I recall some outcry on xmca about Bush's intention to strip down
ERIC--but, it appears, yet another of his missions has been thwarted:

>>It appears that the government was unable to find a
>>private vendor to "scrub" the database. The "old" database seems intact, and
>>2004 and 2005 records have been added by the govt. Hurray!!
>>Hurray -- good news!! Finally, there's progress in updating ERIC with 2004
>>and 2005 literature from journals and documents. The newly
>>added referenes are currently available per the following excerpt from an
>>ERIC news release which says::
>>ERIC is pleased to announce that the first database update of new
>>education-related content is now available on the ERIC Web site at
>>This update includes journal titles and documents published in 2004 and 2005
>>from publishers and organizations that signed new
>>authorization agreements with ERIC this year. Additional agreements are in
>>progress with previous providers to ERIC and newly identified sources of
>>high-quality education literature.
>>******end of excerpt from ERIC press release*******
>>The new ERIC references have not yet been added by our ERIC providers
>>(EBSCO, CSA, and FirstSearch) to GALILEO (so don't start your searching
>>there) but a question to CSA brought me this reply
>>Thank you for your email to CSA. We have gotten word from ERIC that updates
>>will be released to vendor sometime near the "end of the month", but have
>>not received an exact date. We are also anxiously awaiting the update to
>>the ERIC database and will begin the loading process as soon as that data is
>>I also asked EBSCO but haven't had a reply from them...
>>I have no idea why the government is back in business with ERIC, when it
>>sounded like a private publisher was going to take over the database
>>operation. Perhaps they listened to your outcries! There's more
>>information at
>>Let's just be thankful that the information flow has resumed.
>>Unfortunately, there is no effortless way to Export the references into
>>Endnote from the www.eric.ed.gov website. Soooo, if you garner lots of
>>hits when you limit your search to 2004-2005 to gather the literature you
>>missed during the ERIC hiatus, you may want to wait until August to bring
>>them into your Endnote from the GALILEO ERICs sources.
>>As an aside, in addition to Endnote, this fall UGA has a site license to
>>RefWorks, a web-based bibliography service, and that service has Direct
>>Export for ERIC references from EBSCO and FirstSearch as well as CSA,
>>Cambridge Scientific Abstracts. So if you haven't used Endnote yet and
>>don't plan to for whatever reason, RefWorks may be the bibliography solution
>>for you :) We're developing the UGA RefWorks webpages now, but you can go
>>ahead and set up your account at www.refworks.com/refworks The RW tutorial
>>is excellent...
>>And finally, our Endnote license is renewed for the coming year (ah, how
>>wonderful the Student Tech Fee special projects funding). We've just
>>received the master disk of EndNote 9 and I'm happy to report that it is an
>>excellent release. The Windows version will be available for free download
>>by August and Endnote predicts that the Mac version should be available by
>>September. We will keep Endnote 7 available for download as well for
>>another year to accomodate writing collaborators who need to be using the
>>same version (since after Endnote 8 there is no backward compatibility) but
>>I hope most will want to move on now that the glitches seem to have been
>>ironed out of the groundbreaking version..

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