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Mr. Clark,
Regret to write that my efforts to participate in the discussion group were frustrated by Yahoo registration bureaucracy.
Perhaps some other time under different conditions.
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  Subject: [xmca] Reminder/Re-Invite: Ilyenkov Discussion Group

  Dear XMCA-ers: Just wanted to re-invite everyone to the Ilyenkov discussion group that just started this week. I have pasted the details below. I think you will all find that the reading obligation is very manageable (for example, this week only involves 3 pages of reading). We welcome lurkers and those new to Ilyenkov.


  We have formed a great group so far and look forward to wider participation.


  Best wishes.







  From: Kristen R. Clark
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  Subject: Ilyenkov Discussion Group: 7/11-9/11


  Dear XMCA-ers - All are invited to join a book discussion seminar on Chapter Five of Evald Ilyenkov's "Dialectics of the Abstract and the Concrete in Marx's Capital". We are especially pleased that Peter Moxhay will be our seminar facilitator. Peter is a translator of Ilyenkov and Davydov and currently directs a pilot math program in the Portland, Maine school system using Davydov-Elkonin teaching methods. See Some xmca'ers may remember Peter from the 2003 on-line xmca course on CHAT, which he actively participated in, and facilitated the component on Davydov.

  WHEN: The discussion group will commence on Monday July 11 and last through Sun Sept 11.

  WHAT: The chapter we are studying, called "The Method of the Ascent from the Abstract to the Concrete in Marx's Capital," is divided into eight parts for discussion over a nine week period.

  JOIN THE LIST: The discussion list, "xbdg," is located at
  To join xbdg, one must sign up for a user ID on Yahoo. Yahoo ID's are free and require no commitments. Just go to the above Yahoo group and click on "join this group." If you need an ID, click on "Don't Have a Yahoo ID?" and fill in the blanks Yahoo asks for. When signing up for the group, under "preferences", you may choose to have all posts to and from xbdg interact directly with your regular e-mail.

  SYLLABUS: The syllabus for Chapter Five is attached below as both a Word and an Adobe file. It is also available on xbdg under "files." Also on xbdg, under "links," are located urls to the on-line version of the reading material, which is divided into four sections. The entire book is located at

  PURPOSE: The purpose of this on-line seminar is to focus in-depth on what Ilyenkov is saying and how people interpret it. Other more general discussions may well spin off from there. We encourage such discussions to spill back to xmca: "an interesting point came up on xbdg, here is a thought I had ..." etc. may well spur new threads on xmca. We see xbdg as a kind of adjunct to xmca, where xmca'ers can focus on a particular reading and discuss it at length and in depth. All other discussions still belong on xmca as before. At the same time, especially lengthy individual posts are not encouraged on xbdg, in an effort to keep the discussion more like a seminar, where many participate. Lurking is permitted.

  Please join us in our study of this chapter by Ilyenkov (and warmest regards).


  - Kristen Clark, xbdg moderator
  - Steve Gabosch, assistant moderator









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