[xmca] Cole xmca glitch and other housekeeping issues

From: Mike Cole (lchcmike@gmail.com)
Date: Sun Jul 03 2005 - 13:31:05 PDT

It appears that I have been experiencing a glitch in receiving xmca model,
perhaps associated with
a shift from weber to a different social science computer here at UCSD, so I
have started going to
the xmca web page to keep get the sequence of posts. My apologies if my
posts have been more
jumbled than their usual jumbled selves. Because it is a long weekend, this
situation will likely continue
for a couple of days which may have the virtue, for you all, of reducing my
volume of gabble.

In this connection, the LSV "concrete psychology" piece should be posted

Because I went to the web page I noted two things that I thought worth

First, there are a lot of people on XMCA these days, and I am sure everyone
would like to hear what
questions, observations, and noticings they have about the general theme of
language and activity that
Phil and his team have put together.

Second, I am uncertain about where we are and what is appropriate to comment
on. According to the
original schedule, Daniels and Hasan are presumably finished leading a
discussion of the Hassan papers
but from the discussion we appear back a way.

Before you go off to your meeting, Phil, could you fill us in on where we
are supposed to be?

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