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Date: Sat May 21 2005 - 00:14:04 PDT

This looks very interesting. I can't wait for it to appear. Thank you
for posting the information.

David Preiss wrote:

> Dear Xmcars,
> Just following the practice of promoting books here.
> The following book I edited with Bob Sternberg, includes chapters by
> several xmcars, including Mike. It was edited by Erlbaum and it is
> about to appear. I can ensure that is enjoyable reading. I copied the
> chapter listing.
> David
> **
> **
> SubTitle:
> The Impact of Tools on the Nature and Development of Human Abilities
> Author/Editor:
> *Robert J. Sternberg (ed.) and David D. Preiss (ed.)*
> *Contents: J. Bruner,* Foreword. *Part I:* /Cognitive Technologies in
> Historical and Cultural Evolution./ *R.S. Nickerson,* Technology and
> Cognition Amplification. *A.E. Maynard, K. Subrahmanyam, P.M.
> Greenfield,* Technology and the Development of Intelligence: From the
> Loom to the Computer. *D.R. Olson,* Technology and Intelligence in a
> Literate Society. *Part II:* /Cognitive Consequences of Educational
> Technologies./ *G. Salomon, D. Perkins,* Do Technologies Make Us
> Smarter? Intellectual Amplification. /With, Of,./ and. /Through./
> Technology. *S.P. Lajoie,* Cognitive Tools for the Mind: The Promises
> of Technology--Cognitive Amplifiers or Bionic Prosthetics? *Part III:*
> /Technological Partnerships at Work./ *A. Kirlik,* Work in Progress:
> Reinventing Intelligence for an Invented World. *J Michel-Hoc,*
> Cooperation Between Human Cognition and Technology in Dynamic
> Situations. *C. Díaz-Canepa* Transferring Technologies to Developing
> Countries: A Cognitive and Cultural Approach. *Part IV:* /Intelligent
> Technologies and Technological Intelligences./ *D.D. Preiss, R.J.
> Sternberg,* Technologies for Working Intelligence. *M. Cole, J.
> Derry,* We Have Met Technology and It Is Us.
> *David Preiss***
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