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Dear Xmcars,
Just following the practice of promoting books here.

The following book I edited with Bob Sternberg, includes chapters by
several xmcars, including Mike. It was edited by Erlbaum and it is about
to appear. I can ensure that is enjoyable reading. I copied the chapter




The Impact of Tools on the Nature and Development of Human Abilities




Robert J. Sternberg (ed.) and David D. Preiss (ed.)
Contents: J. Bruner, Foreword. Part I: Cognitive Technologies in
Historical and Cultural Evolution. R.S. Nickerson, Technology and
Cognition Amplification. A.E. Maynard, K. Subrahmanyam, P.M. Greenfield,
Technology and the Development of Intelligence: From the Loom to the
Computer. D.R. Olson, Technology and Intelligence in a Literate Society.
Part II: Cognitive Consequences of Educational Technologies. G. Salomon,
D. Perkins, Do Technologies Make Us Smarter? Intellectual Amplification.
With, Of,. and. Through. Technology. S.P. Lajoie, Cognitive Tools for
the Mind: The Promises of Technology--Cognitive Amplifiers or Bionic
Prosthetics? Part III: Technological Partnerships at Work. A. Kirlik,
Work in Progress: Reinventing Intelligence for an Invented World. J
Michel-Hoc, Cooperation Between Human Cognition and Technology in
Dynamic Situations. C. Díaz-Canepa Transferring Technologies to
Developing Countries: A Cognitive and Cultural Approach. Part IV:
Intelligent Technologies and Technological Intelligences. D.D. Preiss,
R.J. Sternberg, Technologies for Working Intelligence. M. Cole, J.
Derry, We Have Met Technology and It Is Us.
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