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Dear Michael,

It sure looks like a tremendously important work - as do the rest in the series...

I dont know if Yrjö/anyone responded directly to Mary's message (copied below - have checked the archive in case I deleted anything) but the website supplies all the books in that series - sadly my German is non-existant even in the English version of the site its hard to work out which ones are in that language.
"the editors express the hope that the juxtaposition of all available texts will stimulate the users to read and possibly to translate them." - can the community take this as a plea from one monoglot (well - apart from a smattering of Cymraeg!) on behalf of too many others?

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>>> 28/04/2005 09:24:09 >>> Dear Yrjo This does look interesting. I recognise the work of many at the Centre in the titles. I think I missed an earlier email which gives details of how one can get hold of it? Costs etc Mary

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>>> 2005/04/26 08:00 PM >>> Dear colleagues, I forgot to attach the table of contents of the new book - so here it comes.

I also erroneously wrote that the book has 23 chapters. It actually has 18 chapters and 23 authors.


Yrjö Engeström

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