2 pieces of good News

From: Mike Cole (lchcmike@gmail.com)
Date: Wed May 04 2005 - 14:12:16 PDT

1. Thanks to David's reminder, I contacted Larry Erlbaum about subscription
rates in developing countries. While he does not know
a blanket solution, he has authorized me to submit a list of
people/institutions in such countries and they will receive a 50% reduction
in the cost of Mind, Culture, and Activity for current and future
subscriptions. Using the subscriber lise for XMCA, Peggy and I have
identified all of the people we believe qualify for this discount and will
notify them directly. This is not a transparently easy task because not
everyone uses an email address with a country code extension. So we used a
combination of email addresses and institutional identifications (which are
also not consistently given). If you are not contacted by Peggy but believe
you qualify, please contact peggy directly at her well known pbengel address
here at ucsd (see me trying to dodge spammers). Also note that this will
apply for institutional subscriptions as well. I do not know how to contact
people not on xmca who are subscribers and cannot imagine where the time
would come from to track them down.
Thanks for your persistence, David.

2. Thanks to collegial discussions with marxists.org <http://marxists.org>,
we have reached an agreement whereby the Luria volume and Mind in Society
will be removed from that web site. For my part, I will have scanned and
make available to marxist.org <http://marxist.org> many relevant articles
from edited volumes now out of print and agree that when either of the books
in questions goes out of print that I will seek permisstion for them to be
placed on marxists.org <http://marxists.org>.

Open communication is this complex and hostile world is not easy to obtain.
Collectively, we are doing the best we can.

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