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Date: Tue Mar 29 2005 - 16:04:03 PST

Dorie - i'm reminded of Penelope Eckart's "Jock's & burnouts" where within the school the jock's were apprenticing the adults in the school to enter in their world, and the burnouts were apprenticing adults outside of school to enter the world apart from school (and schooling) - very much a break away -
also, Hilton Als' "The women" is a narrative history about how he wanted to become a Negress. Very early in his life he wanted to become a Jew. His family had emigrated from Barbados to New York City - multiple break aways here.
just to say, yes, i think your example works.


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While waiting for Yrjo's reply I wonder if this is relevant. I just heard
a tidbit of Terry Gross' Fresh Air on NPR. She was talking to people who
study the songs of birds (wrens, I think it was) - anyway, one spoke about
studying birds in their natural environment to find if their travels (break
aways?) affected their songs. The very young bird did something like a
wild imitation of the father's (evidently, mothers don't sing) highly
stylized song - but when the young (male) flew the home coup (usually
traveling about a mile), his song took on the characteristics (and the
refinements) of the birds in his neighborhood - after all, that was the
territory he was wanting to make his mark in. His learning was definitely
outside-in and definitely breaking away from what he was raised on
(purposeful? - ok, I'm pushing it here).
Dorie Evensen

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