gender and collaborative learning

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Date: Thu Mar 17 2005 - 04:06:13 PST

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>From: "Dumschat, Denine" <>
>Dear Dr. Smagorinsky,
>I am taking a course with Eli Goldblatt at Temple University entitled
>"Composition and Literacy Theory."
>We recently read your article "Idiocultural Diversity in Small Groups." I
>know the article was just a piece of your study. I am writing to inquire
>as to whether you and O'Donnell-Allen looked at the role of gender in your
>relational framework study.
>Immaculata University is going coed this fall. We have been a traditional
>women's college since the 20's. We have admitted men in the continuing ed
>program since the 70's, but they have been few in numbers. As a
>composition teacher and the Writing Center director, I find the addition
>of men to the undergraduate program extremely exciting for gender
>studies. Eli has suggested that I begin research on the rapid social
>change at IU. I am also presently writing a paper for his class
>concerning gender and collaborative learning using Vygotsky's ZPD and the
>role of play and Bakhtin's speech communities.
>If you did address gender in your study, I would greatly appreciate
>information on obtaining a copy of your findings (if you have them
>published of course). If you did not address gender in this study, could
>you recommend a study you think would work for my topic? Vygotsky is very
>new to me and since you are an expert, I thought you might be able to help
>me out.
>Thanks for your time.
>Denine C. Dumschat, M.A.
>English/Communication Faculty
>Writing Center Director
>Immaculata University
>P.O. Box 704
>Immaculata, PA 19345
>610-647-4400 x3030

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