Re-mediating access to XMCA

From: Mike Cole (
Date: Sat Jan 29 2005 - 09:22:38 PST

XMCA discussion members. Please go to the xmca home page and re-subscribe
to xmca in this format. The address is:

The signup period for the new means of connecting to xmca is designed both to
solve long standing problems that have been a nuisance to all on the list and to
provide a readily accessible and up-to-date data base of members that people
can access when they want to know more about the people they are interacting
with-- a long term unrealized goal.

This new method will not become active for a couple of weeks while we give people a change to re-join in this new manner. But at the end of that time, we will
disable the prior access route and substitute this one for it. I will try to
remember to remind folks a couple of times before we pull the old plug and put
in the new one.

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