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From: Peter Smagorinsky (smago@coe.uga.edu)
Date: Sat Jan 29 2005 - 05:35:54 PST

>From: Denny Taylor <taylor.d@att.net>
>Peter: Could you please share information about an International Scholar's
>Forum on children and armed conflict which is being held at Hofstra
>University April 7,8 & 9. All participants welcomed.
>Teachers Helping Teachers is an International Forum convened to raise
>awareness of the trauma experienced by children living in areas of armed
>conflict and natural disasters.
>The forum is part of an international effort to provide teachers with an
>opportunity to work actively on behalf of children to improve the social
>conditions in which they live, and to provide them with the opportunity to
>participate in educational initiatives which are sensitive to the
>importance of their local heritage and culture.
>The forum is grounded in the belief that teachers and researchers who work
>with children and their families in schools and communities must work
>together internationally, nationally and locally to establish working
>partnerships and collaborative initiatives to support children living in
>areas of armed conflict and natural disasters and to increase their
>potential to recover from trauma. Speakers who teach in areas of armed
>conflict will be invited to work together with researchers and teachers
>from around the world whose work focuses on language, literacy and
>learning in families, schools and communities. Particular emphasis will be
>placed on conversations about the situated literacy activities which are
>embedded within the local/everyday experiences of children and the
>multiple ways in which language and literacy, as naturally occurring
>social and psychological resources within the families, schools and
>communities, can be used to increase the resilience of children who have
>experienced mass traumas and live in areas of armed conflict.
>The intended outcome is the development of working partnerships and
>collaborative initiatives which can be undertaken by teachers and
>researchers from the international community work with teachers and
>researchers who live and work in areas of armed conflict around the world.
>Each of us must work for peace in anyway that we can because the lives of
>our children depend upon it.
>Sarah Freedman has agreed to come and talk about her work in Rwanda and
>she is trying to arrange for an educator from Rwanda to come. I am also in
>communication with someone from Sri Lanka who is going to attend.
>Have possibile participants from the Sudan. Brian Street and Rick Myers
>are also participating. I will also talk a little about my work in Israel,
>the West Bank and Gaza. Thanks for sharing the information.
>Take care. Denny

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