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Date: Tue Jan 18 2005 - 18:47:07 PST

There is a piece that is (or was a little bit ago anyhow) available through the LCHC web that a bunch of us did describing reading re-mediations of kids with different kinds of difficulties that shoed up in our after-school schools. It (or parts of it) might serve as a jumping off point for a little back and forth about functional systems.
Katie King, Esteban Diaz, Mike and I wrote it a long time ago, circa late 80's. It is called "A Model Systems Approach to Reading Instruction and the Diagnosis of Reading Disabilities."
There are two interesting things about it: (1) it was published in Russian but never made it beyond a circulated draft in English; (2) it introduces the notion "integrated" as what happens in reading which turns up again in PRD and no one ever figured out that it had this article as provenance.
It has some nice triangles, too.

Try getting it at

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> Subject: Functional systems forward
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> Mike, I can't get this sent via XMCA. Will you please forward it? Bill Blanton
> Bill and Peg,
> You have pointed to an interesting topic, functional systems and reading,
> math, writing, etc. I read Singer's sub-strata theory a long time ago. At
> the time, the discussion was concerned with his methodology. If I remember
> correctly, functional system never entered the discussion. Like Bill, I
> think it would be very informative to have a discussion of functional
> systems. I wonder if there is a good set of texts to read and discuss?
> Luria's The working brain for sure, perhaps there is an Ed Hutchinson
> piece, also. Mike I think you have a paper that you wrote, too. Peg and
> Mike, would you lead a discussion on functional system? I think it would
> be helpful to ground it with a topic such as reading.
> Bill Blanton
> On a related (but not Singer approach), I wonder if a distinction between
> functional systems and processing systems works out very well if the model
> is a parallel distributed processing or connectionist one?
> Peg

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