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Date: Fri Jan 14 2005 - 09:20:51 PST

Thanks. I do know that Singer's stuff a bit. It threw me to see it in a
series with Marie Clay, so I thought you might have meant a different one.
(For anyone else looking for the ref, it's Ruddell who the editors are, by
the way, no "n").

On a related (but not Singer approach), I wonder if a distinction between
functional systems and processing systems works out very well if the model
is a parallel distributed processing or connectionist one?


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> I'm traveling, Peg, so i don't have access to all my lit, but here is
sometinhg i was able to recognize, pulled off the web. One thing i don't
quite understand is that while this sort of reads more like "functional
systems", it seems taken up in practice as "processing", which is why the
quotes in the previious post. Anyway, since your understanding greatly
exceeds mine, perhaps you might offer some assistance?
> Singer, H. (1994). The substrata-factor theory of reading. In Runddell,
B., & Runddell, M. (Eds.). Theoretical models and processes of reading (4th
ed.), (pp. 895-927). Newark, DE: International Reading Association.

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