Re: naturvolk versus kulturvolk

Date: Sat Jan 08 2005 - 10:41:06 PST

Dear Mike
as far as i understand the differentiations
natur is translated nature, naturvoelker in german are civilisations which
have developed without of some kind of industrialisation, particularly technical
industrialisation (at least according to what the western or developed world
calls industrialisation). Native tribes in africa or southern amaerica may
fall under the catagory naturvolk.
Kulturvolk is related to culture, the acient Greeks are often refered to as a
kulturvolk, as they provide a mix of "tribes" but have developed cultural
tools artefacts, such as mathematical concepts, technical instruments, complex
means of communication etc.which were common to more than one of these tribes.
I assume these differentiation dates back to the 18th early 19th century.
I hope that that makes some sense.
I am posting it to your address too as my last mail to the list didnt go

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