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Date: Tue Aug 31 2004 - 08:52:47 PDT

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>From Tue Aug 31 06:42:08 2004
I'm new at xmca and at the moment don't have anything to contribute to (bu=
t do
learn very much from) the present interesting discussions. Since I'm
working my way through Leontiev at present I just wanted to ask a simple
bibliographical question concerning his memory studies. Has Leontiev's stu=
on the development of memory been translated to English in full length -
that is: is there a complete translation of this work besides the shortene=
version which appeared in his "Problems in the development of mind"? Are
there any other shortened versions elsewhere? Thanks!

Best wishes,

Dr. Carlos K=F6lbl
Universit=E4t Hannover
Institut f=FCr Psychologie
und Soziologie
Bismarckstr. 2
30173 Hannover

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