RE: reduxed Rommetveit: a couple questions

From: Mike Cole (
Date: Wed Aug 25 2004 - 08:05:46 PDT

Interesting questions, Steve. Just guessing, but I am guessing that
Rommetveit may simply not have been reading recent materials that talk
about co-construction. He is responding, in large part, to formulations
of a few decades ago. That they still exist in transformed clothing makes
the ideas retain their relevance even if the names are odd.

The idea of first person plural seems worth exploration. That on is novel
to me! By raising the issue of where the co-authorship is in the Michotee
(Michotte) and Heider demos, I was trying to get consideration of the
various perspectivalisms at play in the article-- unsuccessfully it appears.

If for nothing else, I will always be greatful to rommetveit for introducing
me to the idea of prolepsis and getting me to think more about it. That term
certainly is deeply involved in the co-authorship issue.

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