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Hi David,
That makes four! Last call so that we don't interrupt the Rommetveit
discussion. I have a collection of papers that can be shared and read

On Aug 9, 2004, at 10:36 PM, David Preiss wrote:

> I'll be interested in participating, Phil, as that topic is close to
> my dissertation one!
> David D. Preiss
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> For the two-dozen or so people to whom I sent a recent paper by
> Bernstein (and of course all others), you just might be in Sydney in
> December and wish to attend the following three-day workshop!
> Reclaiming Knowledge: Registers of discourse in the community and
> school. A workshop this December 13-15 at Sydney University, featuring
> Christie, Martin, Maton, Matthiessen, Muller, O'Halloran, Painter,
> Tyler, Wignell and Williams as keynote speakers. The organisers are
> aiming to push along the dialogue between Bernstein's sociology of
> education and Systemic Functional Linguistics (SFL), focussing on the
> complementary natures of knowledge in the home, workplace and school.
> For me, I'm still inspired by Panofsky's recent paper and am looking
> for a more synthesised approach to understanding the nature of
> classroom social interaction. If anyone is interested in an on- or
> off-list discussion of vertical and horizontal discourses and the
> relationship of each to home and school learning, as well as the
> discontinuities between them, I'd be appreciative. Some relevant
> papers (Panofsky and Daniels) are on the xmca papers page.
> Phil Chappell
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