Re: Arievitch discussion

From: Peter Moxhay (
Date: Mon Jun 28 2004 - 07:30:36 PDT

Thanks for the references, Mike.

Trying to revive the Arievitch discussion -- I know that many people on
this list, for example
Eugene, have written eloquently on the problematics of the concept of
internalization. What do you all think of Gal'perin's notions of
internalization and
"the internal" as described by Arievitch?

I'm having some trouble grasping precisely how Gal'perin was
the "internal." Can anyone help? And do you think there's some progress
to be
made by going back to Gal'perin on this?


> Peter-- You and others might find interesting the article by Stetsenko
> and
> Arievitch in MCA, Vol 4, no. 3 (1997) which also contains an article
> by
> Rosa and Martinez-Campos on Galperin. In addition, re Galperin, there
> are two additional refs I know of:
> The Role of Nonautomatic Processes in Activity Regulation: From Lipps
> to Galperin
> Arievich and van der Veer
> "The role of nonautomatic processes in activity regulation: from
> Lipps to Galperin"
> History of Psychology. Vol 7(2), May 2004, pp. 154-182
> and
> Leon, Gloria (2001). Toward a hermeneutical reconstruction of
> Galperin's theory of learning" whic appears in Seth Chaiklin (Ed.)
> *The theory and practice of cultural-historical psychology). Arhus
> U press.
> mike

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