RE: working to improve the infrastructure

From: David Le Blanc (
Date: Sat Jun 26 2004 - 20:13:38 PDT

I don't believe the spam problem necessarily resides with the visibility of
email addresses on the XMCA listserv. Many of my colleagues who are not on
the listserv indicate a marked increase in the amount of spam they receive.

David Le Blanc

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From: Mike Cole []
Sent: June 26, 2004 8:02 PM
Subject: RE: working to improve the infrastructure

I am not technically competent to answer your question, Eugene. I have
passed it on to the nice guy who is trying to program our "improvements."
Anything to cut back on the spam would be great. When I logged on there was
a message that came from our departmental address that was spam, as a quick
look at the header indicated. I spend several minutes every morning cleaning
up the spam before reading my mail, and more time when I log on during the
day. mike

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