Re: Annotation of EVI's Concept of the Ideal

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Date: Wed May 12 2004 - 05:41:00 PDT

Got it all, downloaded it all, and will respond as quickly as I am able.
Many thanks,
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Subject: Annotation of EVI's Concept of the Ideal

> The file attachment below is a comprehensive annotation of the EVI article
> "The Concept of the Ideal." It is a paragraph by paragraph annotation of
> this difficult article. What a learning experience doing this has been.
> I explain this project a little more at the beginning of the attached
> document. I think I did a pretty good job. It is aimed at any interested
> reader who is having trouble comprehending this admittedly opaque
> document. Such a reader may find my annotations helpful as they read the
> EVI article, which remains intact in between the annotations. Although I
> have almost doubled the length of the total reading, hopefully a reader,
> with the assistance of some of my interpretations and rewrites, can get a
> pretty good reading of the EVI article in one single reading. That is my
> intention, in any case. Feedback will of course be very welcome.
> Unfortunately, this file attachment is large, 280 KB. A smaller computer
> a slow internet line might have trouble downloading it. Please let me
> if there are problems.
> Best,
> - Steve Gabosch
> Caution: large file, 280 KB.




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