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Date: Tue May 11 2004 - 08:55:58 PDT

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In my oppinion the fact that these sadists 'proudly' photographed their 'works
of art', shows that everything they did was for one motive only: sadism. I'm
appalled to think that they are employed in the US civil prisons - that only
shows that US civil prisons resemble more medieval dongeons than modern
correction centers.

          new information suggests that the photos were used to show to other prisoners as means on intimidation - i think also that to understand human behavior through the lens of only one motive is to miss how complex is human behavior - i think that not only were there multiple motives, but that new motives emerged through the activity over time, as happens with any social activity.

      i have also been wondering about the connection of all this with Israel - certainly Israeli forces have helped American forces in developing close combat in urban areas - the American strategies in Fallujah and other towns certainly replicates the Israeli strategies in the repression of the Palestinian insurgency. perhaps the prison practices are similar as well.

       as far as US civil prisons resembling old historical practices, i'd have to say that they more closely resemble the practices of 20th century totalitarian practices. but, i don't know that much about medieval practices.


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