U. of Georgia Search: Goizueta Distinguished Chair of Latino Teacher Education

From: Peter Smagorinsky (smago@coe.uga.edu)
Date: Wed Apr 07 2004 - 04:30:07 PDT

>We are delighted to announce that the Provost has agreed to fund a senior
>level position and approved a search for the Goizueta Distinguished Chair of
>Latino Teacher Education. This individual will work across the broad fields
>of teacher education and may come from any of these disciplines. The search
>committee consists of the following individuals:
>Michael Padilla Co-chair, Director, CLASE, Education
>Karen Watkins Co-chair, Education, Associate Dean
>Donna Alvermann COE Reading Education
>Brent Berlin UGA Center for Latin American and Caribbean Studies
>Jeremy Kilpatrick COE Mathematics Education
>John Langone COE Special Education
>Linda Harklau COE Foreign Language Education
>Pamela Paisley COE Counseling and HDS
>Jose Perez President, Target Market Trends;
> Member, Governoršs Hispanic Commission
>Judith Preissle COE Social Foundations of Education
>Hugh Ruppersburg Arts and Sciences, Associate Dean
>Martha Allexsaht-Snider COE Elementary Education
>William Wraga COE Educational Leadership and Policy
>Darlene Xiomara Rodriguez Goizueta Foundation Scholar
>Please forward to any member of the search committee any potential
>nominations for this position. In addition, through the Goizueta foundation
>funding, we will have funding to bring in a few senior scholars in Latino
>teacher education for a series of seminars for the faculty and students in
>the College of Education over the next several months. Please contact Dr.
>Padilla if your department has an interest in sponsoring a speaker for this
>We look forward to working with you to identify this distinguished scholar
>to further our work in the College. Thank you for your help.
>Karen E. Watkins
>Professor and Interim Associate Dean for Research and External Affairs
>College of Education
>The University of Georgia
>G10 Aderhold
>Athens, GA 30602
>W 706-542-4355
>F 706-542-8125

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