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Date: Mon Mar 22 2004 - 20:42:51 PST

Dear Eugene,
I don't have an impression that your brain is deteriorating. Quite the
As for the cloning I would not really like that. I am more for an
instant transporter (Beam) - so one can be quickly in all the places
almost at the same time.
And also, I really like the idea of diversity and building a connecting
language which can seamlessly bring together diverse perspectives.

Ana (without a break, :-( )

Eugene Matusov wrote:

>Dear Mike-
>Thanks for the advice... I love another sabbatical but I also love teaching.
>I wish I could clone myself. Although, participating on xmca, I feel like
>being cloned. With my brain deterioration, I have to more rely on a
>collective mind that xmca presents. Thus, I wish people from the cultural
>studies, you were talking about (people like Jim Clifford from UC Santa
>Cruz), participated on xmca and help us. The more diverse we are, the more
>powerful collective mind we can construct together....
>Eugene on a Spring Break
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>>I recommend another sabbatical, Eugene, in a cultural studies department
>>where cultural studies are a very prominent part of the curriculum and
>>all the questions you are raised are debated. My only doubt is whether a
>>normal human could, given the room full of books and articles to read,
>>be able to get sufficient grasp of the material in a year. I sure have
>>not, but all the questions are important.

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