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Ok, so lets assume that collaborative reflection cannot be substituted for
by culture.
[Carol Macdonald] I think I am a bit lost here. Collaborative reflection is
a special subset of cultural processes, indeed a tool for change.
Culture is a medium, hard to tie down as a unit of analysis.
[Carol Macdonald] Sure, its way too broad.

But what if culture were a process, not a thing.
[Carol Macdonald] It can't just be a process, because we have the artifacts
as well-or are they to be regarded as fossilized processes. If we go down
that path, then I am going to need a bit of a hand to hold on to.
What process would characterize culture? Might it be collaborative
reflection? Or in its slippery
polysemy, has culture morphed into the product or collaborative reflection
that has become taken for granted and is no longer feelable?
[Carol Macdonald] In this study, because it is so self-conscious-teacher and
researcher aiming for change, the collaboration is overt but changes its
shape over time. In a wonderful Vygotskian way, the teacher internalizes
the "coaching" (questions, suggestions, promptings) of the researcher.


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